Great and atmospheric...cinematic quality...a lot of people will love listening to this to feel relaxed as well.”

— American Pancake

Heady rock sound with alluring textures and hypnotic allure...from the lush, spacious "Lunar Tides" to anthemic guitar stirrings in "The Theory of Forms."”

— Obscure Sound

Some big heavy rocking and prog influenced jam that has some really tight instrumentation. Well crafted and produced...”

— We All Want Someone To Shout For

Great guitar playing, I like the soft sound.”

— Tonic Grain

We appreciate the fine execution...and the creative vision behind this.”

— Destroy//Exist

I loved the vibe of this, some cool innovation and an interesting listen...”

— Bloom/Pool

Such a great instrumental here! Pretty cool psychedelic elements.”

— Indie Tapes

[The] lush, atmospheric, and melodic character is perfect for easy-listening.”


...psychedelic to a point where it puts you into a dreamlike trance where everything that troubles you is forgotten...”

— RockMyWorldCanada


Formed within the chaotic miasma of the pandemic, Anastatica is a psychedelic, progressive rock project born from a multifaceted need; to serve as a channel for anxious energies, to evocate self-expression and to represent the reinvention of the self. Prepare for ascension with spacey riffs, layered soundscapes, and trippy pedal effects punctuated by emotive, lyrical guitar solos. 

In October 2020, Anastatica released its debut EP titled Empyrean; a euphonic blending of psychedelia, blues, jazz, and progressive rock that forms a soundtrack fit for any cosmonaut's journeys. Praised for having "amazing instrumentation" with "great cinematic feel" and "big heavy rocking and prog influenced jam", the six song concept album has found moderate success in its first weeks in spite of Anastatica being unknown and unsigned resulting in Anastatica being selected as one of ReverbNation's "Emerging Rock Artists". 

Empyrean is currently available on all major streaming services. Following the release of Empyrean, Anastatica returned to studio to work on a forthcoming album planned for release in late 2022.

Band Members:

Aaron Gray (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals, drums)

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