About Anastatica

Formed within the chaotic miasma of the pandemic, Anastatica is a psychedelic, progressive rock project born from a multifaceted need: to serve as a channel for anxious energies, to evocate self-expression and to represent the reinvention of the self. Prepare for ascension with spacey riffs, layered soundscapes, and trippy pedal effects punctuated by emotive, lyrical guitar solos. 

Based in the musically rich city of London, Ontario, Canada, Anastatica's solo member is twenty-seven year old multi-instrumentalist Aaron Gray. Headstrong and eager, Aaron began learning guitar as a teenager with the intention of composing songs that measured up to his favorite bands. Undeterred by a lack of financial resources, a love of music and a drive to succeed resulted in the adoption of an autodidactic approach to Aaron's study. More than a decade later, Aaron has developed into an accomplished guitarist, pick bassist and pianist despite an incomplete formal education. Strongly shaped by noteworthy guitarists such as Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Jerry Cantrell and Tony Iommi, Aaron employs a variety of their techniques including frequent use of blues influenced licks, arpeggios, triplets and the legato technique. 

In October 2020, Anastatica released its debut EP titled Empyrean; a euphonic blending of psychedelia, blues, jazz, and progressive rock that forms a soundtrack fit for any cosmonaut's journeys. Praised for having "amazing instrumentation" with "great cinematic feel" and "big heavy rocking and prog influenced jam", the six-song concept album has found moderate success in its first months in spite of Anastatica being unknown, unsigned and brand new to the scene; amassing a modest 8000 streams through exclusive sharing to small, online internet communities, blogs and playlists. In addition, Anastatica has been selected as one of ReverbNation's "Emerging Rock Artists" and has been a featured artist twice on ReverbNation.

Empyrean is currently available on all major streaming platforms.

Following the release of Empyrean, Anastatica has returned to studio to work on a forthcoming album planned for release in late 2022.

Visit https://linktr.ee/anastatica for all streaming links, band information, etc.